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Valkyrie Rpg - Mari Lwyd

Valkyrie Rpg - Mari Lwyd


7 Piece dice set - a gradient between red and white with fine beautiful glitter

Only 300 sets ever made

Also known as the Pale Mare of Wales, tradition holds that during Yuletide the pale skull of Mari Lwyd, adorned with ribbons and bells, can be found skulking from home to home, demanding entrance in wassail and rhyme.

Valkyrie Dice:
Mari Lwyd was the first of our exclusive limited edition sets released via our dice subscription box and featured in the Yule 2023 box. This soft edged set of dice, adorned with our logo on the D20, is a vibrant cherry red layered with misty white and filled with our signature chunky holo.

Standard 16 mm dice set
Contains D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12, D20

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