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Njord D6 pack -Norse mythology dice - 10pcs

Njord D6 pack -Norse mythology dice - 10pcs


10 Piece dice set in bright blue and faint yellow swirls, together with very reflective gold glitter

Njord, a Vanir, the god of the sea. Njord also watch over fishing, riches and commerce. A father of many but most famous is Frej and Freja which he had with his sister. He is also a half-brother of Frigg. Fishermen often had Njord as their favourite god.

Lindorm: " We have gotten question for the longest time about D6 packs, so now we present to you, our first kickstarter line in D6 packs :)! Perfect for gaming systems like Vaesen!"

Standard 16 mm dice set
Contains D6 x 10

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