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Lindorm Dice "Lindorm"

Lindorm Dice "Lindorm"


7 Piece dice set inred, brown and grey swirls. The grey and brown are Opaque and the red is transparent.

The Lindorm is a giant ash-white snake, often portrayed with human/drake like arms and a great flowing mane. It's long enough to bite it's own tail and you can often find a big Lindorm on norse runestones. If you were lucky enough a touch of it's skin could transfer magical abilities to you. There are many tales about the Lindorm, some say they are good, some evil. One such tale is the tale about Kind Lindorm that was a prince, turned in to a lindorm, but a amiden turned him back to his former self.


Lindorm: " From our second kickstarter, the viking saga collection!"

Standard 16 mm dice set, but with a slightly bigger D20
Contains D4, D6 x 3, D8, D10, D%, D12, D20 x 2

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