Critit - Spirit Of Turtle Dice

Critit - Spirit Of Turtle Dice


7 Piece dice set in blue and aqua swirls


This fantastic set of 7 RGP Gaming dice designed in house by Critit.Made from a high quality polyresin these dice form part of the 'Spirit' range.Trapped in a translucent die, two colour swirls represent the spirit trapped within. Each dice has a gold spirit animal as the highest number with the exception of the d4 which has the highest as a symbol to also present the animal.These dice are truely unique and will amaze your gaming friends.This set includes all 7 dice as pictured.The dice are standard table top size and have endured many roll tests to ensure they stay great for years to come.Order your spirit today!

Standard 16 mm dice set

Contains D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12, D20

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