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Bloodrune D6 pack  -Norse mythology dice - 10pcs

Bloodrune D6 pack -Norse mythology dice - 10pcs


10 Piece dice set in blood red swirls witch black specka inside. The D20 had the Lindorm Dice logo on the 20 face

The bloodrune is mentioned very briefly in a song from Iceland called the Sunsong (Solsången). The verse:
The sun I saw
Lacerated by the bloodrunes
I was on my way away from the world
She seemed so mightyIn so many ways
Mighty as never before
The song speeks of the afterlife
and the depart from life.

Lindorm: " We have gotten question for the longest time about D6 packs, so now we present to you, our first kickstarter line in D6 packs :)! Perfect for gaming systems like Vaesen!"

Standard 16 mm dice set
Contains D6 x 10

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