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Anne Stokes - Black Unicorn by Critit 11 pcs

Anne Stokes - Black Unicorn by Critit 11 pcs


11 Piece dice set in hot iridescent pink

Critit: "Here you will find 11-piece dice sets each themed to the artwork you will find on the box in which the dice are contained. Each box has a magnetic closure to ensure your dice remain safe. The D6’s in the box has the Anne Stokes dragon logo as their highest number and are inked gold throughout. Anne and her team have supported us throughout this project in the kindest ways you could imagine and we are so proud that she has the faith in Critit to deliver a dice range and other RPG accessories that truly reflect the greatness of her artwork."

Standard 16 mm dice set

Contains D4, 4x D6, D8, D10, D%, D12, 2x D20

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